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PO Box 24240
Christchurch 8642

Coming Up:

2019 Australian National Figure Skating Championships

Sat 30 Nov - Fri 6 Dec 2019 O'Brien Icehouse Melbourne


Sat 23 November 12.30pm - Alpine Ice (upstairs room)

All current members 16yrs+ invited - food provided

1hr of ice available free for skaters 12.30-1.30pm

2019 Alpine Ice Go Figure Competition

Saturday September 7.

Emilia Crooks

NZIFSA Sportsperson of the year 2019

Emilia demonstrates excellent qualities of fair play and sportsmanship by supporting other skaters both in training and at competitions. She never hesitates to encourage other skaters to do their best and strive to achieve their goals, whatever level the individual may be at. This is also reflected in her effective coaching behaviour, when she maintains a fun yet authoritative position.
Emilia is a wonderfully positive role model for other skaters because, whether it is 6am or 5pm, she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She has a friendly and approachable demeanour, which positively affects all those around her

2019 NZIFSA Championships

Congratulations! to all our skaters at the . All skated your hearts out, but beyond that, you supported each other and showed a fantastic club spirit. Awesome sports people, each and every one.

Well done to those who achieved the criteria for selection to attend Australian Nationals: 

Star Richens, Emilia Crooks, Towa Wilson, Claudia Clarke, Rivers Richens, Ally Landon-Lane and Kia Kaha.

Development Squad 2020

Congratulations to those who have been selected to the National Development Squad and to the New Zealand International A and B teams:

A Team Reps: Ally Landon-Lane

B Team Reps: Star Richens

NZIFSA Development: Kaci Jonker, Mya Jonker, Star Richens, Ally Landon-Lane

Club Jackets

Check it out

Club pins available     $7 each

Contact club captain: Rachel Lister  rachelslister@gmail.com

Kia Kaha
CISC Synchronised Figure Skating Team
contact coach Caitlyn Paul for more information

Some of our club members July 2019

Most Promising Skater 2019 -   Yuhuan Ding

Most Improved Skater 2019Maddi Dumble.

A big thank you to CHAPLIN CROOKS ARCHITECTS for sponsoring the competition run through on Sunday 22 September for our skaters going to Nationals. Each skater also received an awesome aluminium water bottle. Thanks CHAPLIN CROOKS.

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